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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Majestic and Magical Wedding Reception
I love the fresh white roses with fresh hanging ivy.
over 3000 roses were used only for the pelamin

Door gifts for every guests on the reception night. Each event has a different gift sets.
Estimated over 2000 gifts were distributed during the entire event.

Food was great! so many different kind, but so little time!

We need to jump start the guest. Its the best part of any event.

Sahira and me busy entertaining the guests.

Redwan, Sahira, Zainal & Aizat AF

Kimi Kenanga Bahiki ..............

Cake cutting ceremony

Aizat AF performing during the cake cutting

The proud father, Mohd Bayzuie HARS

The Wedding Cake

Dr. Patrick Ang entertaining guests during dinner. Splendid performance!

Food presentation by the caterer in Portuguese style

setting up the high table with fresh white roses and ivy was my biggest
challenge. I had to turn around the hall and create different set-up with
different flowers for different occasion.

Djeremie, Red, Sahira & Aizat AF

Haraini, Ismael, Nabila & Nuraliza

making themselves comfortable

Beautiful couple

Time for the bride to have fun and enjoy the last event

Miss Fine (Nur'ain Dzulquornain)
She must be wondering why she have
sleep at this hour!

Kirana, Usop, Aizat AF, Noor & Sharon Nabila on the dance floor

Ratna, Hayfaa & Kimi

Its party time for Kirana and me!!!

I am trying my move!

The girls and me......


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