KLCC Twin Tower -Tenants Nite 2007

Friday, April 27, 2007

This was among the biggest event in 2007 that we did.
It involved in a full coordination for more than 2000 guests. We did everything from invitations, RSVP, artiste selection, venue organization and complete event programming.
It challenging for all of us!

The stage was design

I always suggest gifts that is usable by many.
We design 4 different color of paper bag to create
the colorful atmosphere

4 registration counter was open to accommodate the fast coming guests.
My staffs dress in thier 70's does make an impact .

Masna heads the registration teams

I had to assist the gift counter

All design was under my art direction.
Our team work more than a week to get
the concept right, managable and cost effective.

Entrance is an important aspect.
It give guests a welcoming feeling

Pre-event activities at the foyer

Aliff, a student of local university was given a chance to perform at the opening.
Its my vision in giving many chances to show thier talents

Will Quah and Sarimah - our gorgeous MCs

Food buffet spread in 4 different islands

Ning getting closer to her audience

Faizal Tahir rocking the stage with his 3 hit songs

Rem, singing 70's malay hits

Zulbahrim introducing his committee

Will was made "a tree" in one of our game show

De boss, Event Director, me!

Lucky Draws!


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