Farhana & Fadzli's - Majlis Berinai

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our second event was Majlis Berinai
(Majlis Berbedak as it is known in Brunei).
Was held on Saturday evening on the 9th of August, 2008

Hall set-up on the afternoon of the event

Table set-up for guests

Gift-aways for "Acara Berbedak" guests

Food, food, food, that is what she's thinking (mys sister in law, Noor).
On this event, food were prepared by members of the family. Chaotic but fun!

Majlis Berinai are held separately for the bride and groom.
Usually on this occasion the grand mother usher the bride to the "Pelamin"

Upon arrival, the veil is unveiled by the "Penganun" which is the grandma.

The beautiful grandmas in a traditional dress.

Cousins of Farhana leads the procession onto the "Pelamin"

Photo session again!

Female guests looking at the "Acara Berbedak"

Mother of the bride

60ft lenght, 48ft wide and 24ft height Pelamin is constructed for the occasion


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